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1 Introduction to Customizing Billing Care

2 About Billing Care Architecture

3 About Billing Care SDK

4 Setting Up the Development Environment

5 Using an Exploded Archive during Customization

6 Packaging and Deploying Customizations

7 Customizing Billing Care

8 Editing the Billing Care Configuration File

9 Customizing Billing Care Themes and Logo

10 Customizing Billing Care Templates

11 Customizing the Billing Care Account Banner

12 Customizing the Billing Care Actions Menu

13 Customizing Account Creation Service Fields

14 Creating Custom Billing Care Credit Profiles

15 Adding Custom Payment Types

16 Customizing Billing Care Invoice Presentation

17 Customizing Billing Care to Display Child Accounts

18 Customizing Suspended Payment Allocations

19 Customizing Search Filter for Suspended Payments

20 Exporting Billing Care Search Results

21 Searching for Accounts by Payment ID

22 Separating Event Adjustment Amount and Percentage Fields

23 Customizing Purchase Deal and Assets Action Menu

24 Customizing Reason Codes List in Event Adjustments

25 Customizing Billing Care to Display Only Event Adjustments

26 Limiting Event Adjustment Percentage Entered by CSRs

27 Disabling Event Adjustment Options Based on Roles

28 Restricting Debit and Credit Event Adjustment Options

29 Setting Adjustment Limit for Event Adjustments

30 Filtering Bundles Available for Purchase

31 Restricting Additional Bundles Purchase Based on Roles

32 Restricting Bundle Validity Based on Roles

33 Making Notes Field Mandatory

34 Filtering Start and End Dates for Additional Purchase

35 Customizing Billing Care to Disable Links in the Bills Tab

36 Customizing Display of Assets Section

37 Customizing Bills Graph and Balances Sections

38 Opening Custom Views From Landing Page

39 Enabling Authorization in Test Installations

40 Customizing Billing Care Labels

41 Embedding Billing Care Screens in External Applications

42 Extending and Creating Billing Care REST Resources