Chapter 3 Unpacking and Preparation

Table of Contents

3.1 Verify Installation Requirements
3.2 Unpack the Expansion Node Upgrade Kit
3.3 Prepare the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Rack

The first phase is to prepare the installation site and the appliance rack for the installation of one or more expansion compute nodes. The following sections provide detailed instructions.

3.1 Verify Installation Requirements

Location: part 1, page 1, pane 1

Pane 1 refers to installation requirements and safety precautions to consider before starting the installation.


  1. Review the safety guidelines and site checklists. Refer to Section 6.2. "Review Safety Guidelines" in the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Installation Guide.

  2. Review and follow the safety precautions for rack-mounting a server. Refer to Section 6.3. "Rack-mount Safety Precautions" in the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Installation Guide.

3.2 Unpack the Expansion Node Upgrade Kit

Location: part 1, page 1, pane 2

Pane 2 provides unpacking instructions.


  1. Remove the packaging.

  2. Verify that all items are included.

    • Sun Server

    • Cable management arm (CMA) assembly with installation instructions

    • Rack-mount kit containing rack rails and installation instructions

    • (Optional) Sun Server documentation


Cables are not included in the upgrade kit. All cables for all rack units are pre-installed in the appliance rack, and labeled according to the server cabling requirements.

3.3 Prepare the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Rack

Location: part 1, page 1, pane 3

Pane 3 provides instructions to prepare the installed appliance rack for the installation of additional compute nodes.


Always populate the compute rack units starting from the bottom most open slot, and work your way up.


  1. Remove the front and rear rack doors.

    • Unlock and open the front and rear doors.

    • Detach the grounding straps connected to the doors by pressing down on the tabs of the grounding strap’s quick-release connectors, and pull the straps from the frame.

    • Lift the doors up and off their hinges.

    An image illustrates the location of the door hinges on the appliance rack. Four detail bubbles show a close-up of each hinge. A fifth detail bubble in the center shows how the grounding straps are disconnected from the frame.

  2. Remove the filler panel(s) where the expansion node will be installed. The filler panels have snap-in attachments. No screwdriver is required to remove them.

  3. Remove the lacer bar that holds the pre-installed cables in place at the rear side of the rack.

    • Detach the pre-installed cables from the lacer bar on the rack unit for the new expansion node.

    • Use a No. 2 Phillips screwdriver to remove the M6 screws from the lacer bar.

    • Remove the lacer bar from the rack. Save lacer bar and screws for future use.

    An image illustrates the way the lacer bar is attached to the rear rack rails to hold the pre-installed cables for that rack unit in place. In two steps, the image shows how the Velcro straps are first removed from the bundle of cables, after which the lacer bar is unscrewed from the rails.