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Oracle® Advanced Support Gateway for Cloud at Customer Security Guide

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Updated: August 2020

General Requirements

There are a number of general requirements that are necessary for Oracle to deliver Oracle cloud services:

  • An Oracle Advanced Support Gateway must be hosted within the customer environment along with Cloud at Customer Infrastructure.

  • Oracle Advanced Support Gateway will be directly connected to the Cloud at Customer infrastructure via the management network.

  • Oracle must have access to certain ports and protocols (described below) in order to implement and deliver Oracle cloud services.

  • Oracle Advanced Support Gateway must be continuously accessible from the Oracle Support Platform using the secure protocols described below. However, Oracle Advanced Support Gateway must not be directly exposed to the Internet.

In order to expedite the implementation process, the customer will be required to provide high level network topology which should include:

  • IP numbering scheme

  • Routing policy

  • Locations of firewalls

  • Locations of Cloud at Customer Infrastructure.

  • Proposed location of Oracle Advanced Support Gateway

Having this information enables Oracle to provide a recommendation regarding Oracle Advanced Support Gateway placement.