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Cape Cod Healthcare recently upgraded their PeopleSoft HR, Finance, and Supply Chain Management systems


Cape Cod Healthcare recently upgraded their PeopleSoft HR, Finance, and Supply Chain Management systems. They took this opportunity to selectively adopt newly delivered features including PeopleSoft Health and Safety to replace their use of paper forms. Cape Cod Healthcare have used several analytical capabilities delivered by PeopleSoft leveraging functionality to provide Pivot Grids, Dashboards and Scorecards. They have rolled out fluid applications to their employees, managers and administrators as well.

Customer comments

Cape Cod Healthcare upgraded their PeopleTools for PeopleSoft HR, Finance, and Supply chain to 8.58 in September 2020 and has added the below features to their system recently:

Selective Adoption and new feature implementation

On Mar 23, 2021, Cape Cod Healthcare has implemented Health and Safety Employee Self Service feature as selective adoption from PUM image 36. We have eliminated the paper forms that was in place to submit workplace Incidents by implementing the PeopleSoft delivered Health and Safety feature with minimal customization. The fluid self-service option to report incidents is well received by employees. The workflow and email alerts tied to the incidents has saved a lot of manual effort for the business users team. This new feature has streamlined the incident reporting process making this a successful implementation.


Cape Cod Healthcare started using Pivots and Simplified Analytics in PeopleSoft HR, Finance and SCM. HR Metrics Dashboard, Approval history chart, SCM Inventory dashboard, Inventory details, Supplier spent, Vendor scorecard are few of the various analytics reports used in Cape Cod Healthcare and is looking forward to using more extensively going forward. We are also in process of implementing Kibana.

HR Monthly Metrics page
Approval History Dashboard
CCHC Vendor Scorecard - Fluid page
FSCM Inventory Dashboard
User experience

Fluid Implementation: In Cape Cod Healthcare, Fluid User experience is given to all employees, managers and administrators through Fluid ESS, MSS, Benefit Enrollment, Life Events on PeopleSoft HR and eProcurement and Payment Request on PeopleSoft Finance and Supply chain applications.

Fluid Approvals: In Cape Cod Healthcare, Fluid approvals is configured and used in all HR, Finance and SCM applications like Position approvals, Terminations, Bonus Forms, Requisition, Payment Request and Journal Workflow.

Form Builder: On Mar 23, 2021, Cape Cod Healthcare deployed a new User Access Form using Form Builder for both HR and Finance applications. Before this, the process for approval was through paper trail followed by attaching it to ticketing system and it goes between departments for approvals, which is time consuming and manual effort. The new User Access Form can be submitted via Manager Self Service and has approval workflow in-built to it. This has made the whole process streamlined and reduced the time and effort involved. And we have everything readily available for any auditing needs.

Fluid WorkCenters: The recent improvement to Cape Cod Healthcare applications is implementing Payroll and Benefits WorkCenters. This feature provides one central page to Payroll and Benefits Team for their daily work needs. Having a centralized access to relevant data and a reduced need to navigate between different pages has improved the efficiency and productivity in users. All this convenience with a role-based security allowing us to restrict/grant access to specific information in the WorkCenter has made this feature a hit among users.