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Oracle® Clinical Remote Data Capture Onsite Administrator's Guide
Release 5.1

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1 Getting Started with Administration Tasks

2 Securing RDC Onsite

3 Customizing with RDC Configurations

4 Configuring Discrepancy Management

5 Configuring Custom Review Types

6 Customizing Data Entry Behavior

7 Customizing RDC Onsite on the Application Server

8 Working with the RDC Client Package

9 Configuring News

10 Customizing Activities

11 Configuring Links

12 Customizing Online Help

13 Configuring Settings for Reports

14 Generating Reports from the Command Line

15 Collecting Debug Data

A Setting Up Database Connections

B Generating HTML DE and PDR Templates for Existing DCI Form Versions

C Troubleshooting

D Deploying Customizations