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Adding and Updating Software in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: September 2018
Chapter 4

Updating or Upgrading an Oracle Solaris Image

Installing and Updating Software Packages discussed installing, updating, fixing, and uninstalling one or a few packages that are named on the command line. This chapter describes how to upgrade an Oracle Solaris image to the next support update or to the next release. This chapter discusses the following topics:

  • Best practices

  • Controlling how far to update

    • Specify a version number

    • Freeze the image at a specified version number

    • Use an Oracle Solaris constraint package

    • Use a custom constraint package

  • Applying support updates

    • Support Repository Updates (SRUs)

    • Critical Patch Updates (CPUs)

  • Applying platform firmware updates

  • Applying Interim Diagnostic or Relief (IDR) updates