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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris 10 Zones

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Updated: October 2017

solaris10 Zone Support

The solaris10 brand zone supports the whole root non-global zone model. All of the required Oracle Solaris 10 software and any additional packages are installed into the private file systems of the zone.

The non-global zone must reside on its own ZFS dataset; only ZFS is supported. The ZFS dataset will be created automatically when the zone is installed or attached. If a ZFS dataset cannot be created, the zone will not install or attach. Note that the parent directory of the zone path must also be a ZFS dataset, or the file system creation will fail.

Any application or program that executes in a native Oracle Solaris 10 non-global zone should also work in a solaris10 branded zone.

Note that zones do not support statically linked binaries.

Note -  You can create and install solaris10 branded zones on an Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions system that has labels enabled, but you can only boot branded zones on this system configuration if the brand being booted is the labeled brand. Customers using Oracle Solaris Trusted Extensions on Oracle Solaris 10 systems must transition to a certified Oracle Solaris system configuration.