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Oracle® Solaris 11.3 Programming Interfaces Guide

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Updated: April 2019

Verifying the Locality Group Interface Version

The lgrp_version() function must be used to verify the presence of a supported lgroup interface before using the lgroup API. The lgrp_version() function has the following syntax:

#include <sys/lgrp_user.h>
int lgrp_version(const int version);

The lgrp_version() function takes an interface version number as an argument and returns the lgroup interface version that the system supports. The lgrp_version() function returns the version number if the lgroup API supports the version number in the version argument. Otherwise, the lgrp_version() function returns LGRP_VER_NONE. For more information, see the lgrp_version(3LGRP) man page.

Example 6  Using lgrp_version()
#include <sys/lgrp_user.h>
if (lgrp_version(LGRP_VER_CURRENT) != LGRP_VER_CURRENT) {
    fprintf(stderr, "Built with unsupported lgroup interface %d\n",
    exit (1);