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Remote Administration Daemon Developer's Guide

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Updated: April 2020

rad Module Linkage

Modules are registered with the RAD daemon in the _rad_reg(). This is automatically generated from the information contained within the IDL defining the module.

Each module is required to provide a function, _rad_init(), for initializing the module. This function is called before any other function in the module. Similarly, the _rad_fini() in the module is called by the RAD daemon just prior to unloading the module.

Example 55  RAD Module Initialization
#include <rad/rad_modapi.h>

	adr_name _t *uname = adr_name_vcreate("com.oracle.solaris.rad.user", 1, "type", "User");
    conerr_t cerr = rad_cont_insert_singleton(&rad_container, uname, &interface_User_svr);

	if (cerr != CE_OK) 
      	rad_log(RL_ERROR, "failed to insert module in container");
	return (0);