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Remote Administration Daemon Developer's Guide

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Updated: April 2020

Tips for Using RAD Modules

  • Man pages for each of the RAD modules are available in section 3RAD. For example, to view the man page of the com.oracle.solaris.rad.kstat module, type man -s 3RAD kstat.

  • Some operations, such as adding a new user, require additional privileges. You must ensure that the user has the appropriate rights profiles to execute the operation.

  • By default, RAD log messages are available in the /var/svc/log/system-rad:local.log file. To enable logging of debug messages, type the following commands:

    # svccfg -s rad setprop config/debug=true
                        # svcadm refresh rad:local
                        # svcadm refresh rad:local-http 
                        # svcadm restart rad:local 
                        # svcadm restart rad:local-http