Channel Tab

The Channel Tab provides the CRO the opportunity to set up channel management conversions for the appropriate properties. This functionality is available when the main license codes for GDS, OWS, or ADS are active within ORS. When a property is entered, or converted, it has full capabilities of channel management. This means that the property can sell its inventory through a channel such as GDS, web booking, or ADS.

To access the Channel Tab, select System Configuration>Property>Property Details and display the Property Selection screen. At the Property Selection screen, select the New button to create a new property. Or, if you want to make changes to an existing property (such as adding a channel), highlight a property on the list and select the Edit button. The Property Configuration - New or Edit screen appears. Select the Channel Tab.

Prior to setting up conversion for a property, certain channel items must already be established within ORS, as explained in the following topic:

 Selection Criteria

Property. A unique identifier for the property. Enter a new code if you are creating a new property. Otherwise, when editing a property the field is read-only.

Property Name. The property's full name.

Chain Code. The alphanumeric identifier for the Chain. If already set up for the property, a chain code will display. If necessary, select another Chain Code from the drop down list.

Property Channel Grid

Channel. The channel code that was created in the channel setup.

Name. The descriptive name of the channel, created during channel setup.

Chain Code. The alphanumeric identifier for the Chain, created during Chain Configuration.

GDS Resort. The channel equivalent code for this property.

City Code. The city code that applies to the property.

Resort Chain ID. The Chain Id that applies to this property (Galileo).

Begin Date/End Date. The beginning date this property will become active for channel sales. The ending date when this property becomes unavailable through channels.


New. Select this button to set up new channel management for a property. The Channel Property - New screen appears.

Edit. Select this button to edit existing channel management information for a property. The Channel Property - Edit screen appears.

Delete. Select this button to delete channel management functionality for a property.

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