Check In Group

The Check In Group option is available via the Group Options menu (Reservations>Blocks>Business Block>Select a Block>Edit>Resv.>Group Options>Check In Group). Individual reservations that have a room assigned can also be selected for group check in via Front Desk>Room Assignment.

Note: There are other ways to check in group reservations; for example, reservations belonging to a group can also be checked in individually from the Front Desk>Arrivals menu option.

The Check In screen allows you to select the check-in process options to be applied to the reservations being checked in.


Check In

Select one of the following options to determine the housekeeping status of the rooms to be checked into:

ETA From/To. Enter a From and To date to define an estimated time of arrival for the guests you wish to check in. Only those guests with an ETA within this range will be checked in.

Cut Keys

Select one of the following options to determine the key cutting instructions for the guests being checked in:

Number of Keys

If keys are cut, prepare the following number of keys:

Print Registration Cards

Print registration cards for checked in reservations as follows:


Available when the Front Desk>Messages application function is set to Y. Select the message prompt option to be applied for guests having messages.

Assign Virtual Numbers

If virtual number functionality is active at the property, assign virtual numbers as follows:

Print Vouchers

Available when the Reservations>Print Vouchers application function is set to Y. Print vouchers for eligible guests at check in as follows.


This text area displays messages as the check-in progresses.

Function Buttons

Check In. This option checks in the group reservations all at once. Prior to using this option, rooms must have been assigned to the group members. When you select the Check In Group option, members of the group with the same arrival dates will be checked in simultaneously. Members of the group with different arrival and departure dates other than today’s arrival date will not be checked in. The status of the group reservations changes to Checked In once the check in has been successfully completed.

When checking in the group guests, OPERA goes through a number of checks and may display some of the following messages.

If a pool is marked as Prompt to Assign and Assignment Required and the user selects not to display the virtual numbers for each group member, OPERA will also allocate virtual numbers to these guests.

Note: When the Cashiering>Direct Bill Authorizations and Settlement application parameter is set to Y and a direct bill payment type is attached to the reservation, then a Direct Bill authorization will be performed when the Check In button is selected. See Direct Bill Authorizations and Settlements for details.

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