Rooming List Imports

Rooming Lists can be created in XML lists outside of OPERA and then imported into existing blocks in OPERA, automatically creating the reservations. This eliminates time- consuming typing within the application and provides a more productive workflow. For example, a third-party agent can create XML rooming lists, supply the list to the client, the client places the list in a central location, the reservation agent creates the block in OPERA and proceeds to import the rooming list into the block. Rooming list imports is available for OPERA PMS, S&C, and ORS.

Preliminary Setup

Imported Rooming Lists Fields

The following fields are typically used for rooming lists. Those marked as Required must be completed and valid before OPERA will accept the imported file:

recordNumber - Required - A user-defined unique record number for the guest reservation (unique per property, per block).

resortId - Optional - If entered, the property code must match the property code for the property and block into which this file will be imported.

blockCode - Optional - If entered, the block code must match the block code of the block into which this file will be imported.

guestLastName - Required - Last name of the guest.

guestFirstName - Optional - First name of the guest.

guestTitle - Optional - Title of the guest.

guestLastAlternateName - Optional - Last name of guest's alternate name.

guestFirstAlternateName - Optional - First name of guest's alternate name.

arrivalDate - Required - Arrival date must be within the dates of the block dates this file will be imported. Numeric format mm/dd/yyyy.

departureDate - Required - Departure date must be within the dates of the block dates this file will be imported. Numeric format mm/dd/yyyy.

roomType - Optional - Room type code must match the room type code of the property, if entered.

numberRooms - Required - Number of rooms has to be a minimum of 1.

numberAdults - Required - (unless Number of Children is entered) Interrelated with numberChildren. Enter the number of adults. The minimum can be 0, only if the number of children is at least 1.

numberChildren - Optional - Interrelated with numberAdults. If the number of children is at least 1, then the number of adults field can be 0.

shareRecordNumber - Optional - This field is entered only if this reservation is shared. If shared, enter the record number of the guest with whom this is being shared.

ta_Record_Locator - Optional. - Travel Agent Record Locator number. Refer to Travel Agent Reference Number for more information.

date_of_Birth - Optional - The date of birth of the individual profile.

language_Code - Optional - The primary language used for the profile.

nationality_Code - Optional - The nationality of the individual.

passport - Optional - The passport number for the profile.

Save the XML Rooming List file and access the Import List function.

Importing the Rooming List

  1. Access the business blocks functionality by selecting Reservations > Business Blocks.
  2. At the Business Block Search screen, search for the property and business block you want to import the rooming list into. Highlight the desired block and select the Edit button.
  3. On the Business Block Reservation screen, select the Resv.
  4. On the Room Grid Reservations screen, select the Group Options button.
  5. On the Group Options menu, select the Rooming List button.
  6. On the Group Rooming List screen, highlight the desired Group/Block name and select the Import List button.
  7. On the File Upload screen, select the LOV to locate your rooming list .xml file. Select your file.
  8. When your file name appears in the Select File field, select the Upload button. If the file passes validation, the rooming list will be uploaded and guest names will appear on the Group Rooming List for Block Number screen.
  9. To save this list and begin processing, select the Save button.

    Notes: When saving the imported rooming list, if the same XML profile is used more than once for the same block, this message will display: "All records have already been imported into reservations." Guest profile information is populated prior to saving the reservation.

  10. After saving, select Close to close the screen.

If Search Guest Profile is checked, the following will apply upon importing a rooming list:

Rooming Lists Import Considerations