Communication Information

When you select the ellipsis button associated with any of the Communications fields on the Profile screen or the down arrow on the Communications field on the Edit User screen, the Communication Information screen appears. (To enter mailing or shipping address information, select the ellipsis button on the Address field.)

Note: The Communication Information screen also appears when you select the Text Msg button on the Queue Reservations screen for the purpose of sending a text message to a guest whose reservation is queued (see Queue Reservations for details), and when you send a text message to a guest via the New Message screen. In these scenarios, only communication numbers of role type PHONE are displayed, and only phone numbers of the MOBILE type may be entered.

The Communication Information screen allows you to assign multiple communication numbers of a given type (e.g., home phone, business phone, fax, email, cell phone, etc.) to a profile. You may also designate one number associated with each communication role, or generic communication method, as the primary communication address or number for that method.

Communication Roles and Communication Types

A communication role (sometimes called phone role) is a generic method of electronic communication, such as phone, web page, email, or fax. These roles/methods are part of the SID data and may not be changed. When communication types are set up in PMS by selecting Configuration>Profiles>Communication Types or in ORS by selecting Configuration>Profiles>Phone Types, you may associate each communication type with a communication role.

Search Criteria

Number. Enter all, or the first part of, the email address, phone number, etc., you wish to find.

Show Primary Only. Select this check box to display only primary addresses.

Communication Information Screen Fields

The Communication Information screen shows the following information.

X. When marked with an X, this field indicates that the communication address is the primary for communications associated with its communication role.

Seq. Number that determines the position of this address on this screen.

Type. Name assigned to the communication type.

Description. General description of this communication type.

Number. Phone number, email address, or web address belonging to this communication type.

Role. Method of communication associated with this communication type. This was selected from the SID data.

Button Functions

Primary. Highlight an address and select this button to make that address the primary for the communication role. An X appears in the X column. If only one address of a given type is included in the list, it is designated as primary automatically and the Primary button is unavailable when the address is highlighted. To change to another primary, highlight your new choice and select the Primary button.

New. Select to create a new communication address.

Edit. Select to edit the highlighted communication address.

Delete. Select to delete the highlighted communication address.

When a phone number is deleted on a profile, the phone number will become inactive in OPERA, not deleted. The inactive record will be removed after 30 days by the purge process. Prior to this 30 days, the phone record may be reactivated if added back to the profile.

Select. When the Communication Information screen is accessed from the AR>Account Maintenance>Options button>Account Setup button, the Select button is displayed. When updating which communication type to use, this button must be selected before exiting out of the Communication Information screen. Select/highlight the communication information that needs to be used and click the Select button. This communication information will then be populated into the Account Setup screen.

OK. Select to save your changes and exit the screen.

Close. Select to exit out of the Communication Information screen without saving your changes.

Creating and Editing Communication Types

To enter a new communication address, select the New button. To edit an existing communication address, highlight your choice and select the Edit button (you must first be assigned the permission Profiles>Contact Edit to modify the communication information of an existing contact or to add a new communication type).

For new addresses, you are prompted to select the communication type for the new communication address. Select from the Communication Types list of values.

The Communication Information - New or Communication Information - Edit screen appears.

Provide the following information and select the OK button.

Type. Communication type for this address. This information may not be edited.

Role. Communication role associated with this communication type when it was configured. This information may not be edited.

Number/Fax Number/Email. Fax number, email address, text message number or web page address, as appropriate.

Primary. Select this check box to make this address the primary address for its communication role. You may select one communication address belonging to each communication role as a primary communication address for that method. For example, assume guest Todd Slater has three phone numbers associated with his profile: a business phone, a mobile phone, and a home phone. Only one of these numbers can be designated as Slater's primary phone number because all of them are associated with the Phone role. If another address was previously selected as the primary address for this role, the new selection you make here will supersede that choice.  If only one address for a given communication role is provided, it is automatically designated as the primary address for that communication role.

The primary fax and primary email addresses are automatically displayed on the Confirmations screen for sending confirmation/reservation update/cancellation letters. For added convenience, OPERA offers a further option. When you select a fax or an email address as the Primary, the Default Communication Method check box appears (see below). Use this option to indicate that the address should be pre-selected for sending confirmation letters to this profile. A sample Confirmation screen is shown below. The Fax address and Email address shown for the guest have both been designated as the Primary addresses for these roles on their respective Communication Information screens (although there may be other addresses having the same communication roles). In addition, the Default Communication Method check box on the Communication Information screens for these addresses has been selected. We know this because there is an X, by default, in the Email and Fax fields to the left of the guest's name when we open the Confirmations screen.  (These choices can be un-selected if you decide not to send the email and/or fax confirmations to the guest.)

Note: When the OPR<version number>ORS license code is active, you may add an email address used only for requests (Email for Request). This email address appears in the Profile Requests New or Edit screen by default (when Options>Requests>New or Edit is selected) even though other email addresses may exist. If the Email for Request address is not entered, the Profile Request screen displays the primary email address. This Email for Request address does not download to PMS at the property level; nor can it be deleted or replaced by changes made at the property level. Other email addresses can be changed within PMS however, at the property level, and will upload to ORS.

Default Communication Method. Available when Primary is selected for fax and email communication roles only. Select this check box if this primary communication address is to be pre-selected on the Confirmation screen. (See Confirmation Letters for details.)

Display Seq. Number that determines the display position for this entry on the Communication Information screen. On the Profile screen Communications section, the first three entries (as determined by the sequence number) are displayed. Entries without a sequence number appear following all entries having a sequence number.

Email Language. Available for email communication roles only. Select the down arrow to choose the language to be used for emails to this address. Use this feature to customize emails for a language that uses a special character set (e.g., Greek). If no choice is made here, the language for the logged in user is assumed by default.

Email Format. Available for email communication roles only. Select the down arrow to choose the email format (text or HTML) to be used for emails sent to this address.

Button Functions

OK. Select to save your changes and exit the Add/Edit Communication Information screen.

Close. Select to exit out of the Add/Edit Communication Information screen without saving your changes.

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