Membership Revenue Groups

Membership Revenue Groups are "sets" of membership revenue types that are treated as a unit when points calculations are based on the revenue generated by the guest.  Membership revenue types correspond to the revenue buckets set up on external systems. All revenue buckets must be configured as revenue types in ORS in order for stay transactions, including payment transactions, to be recognized as valid when they are uploaded from the PMSs. Membership revenue types must be configured before setting up membership revenue groups. (See Membership Revenue Types for details.)

Note: Membership revenue groups are also associated with OCIS Profile stay history details. The first four membership revenue groups configured here will be shown on the OCIS Profile CIS Stay History (accessed via the CIS History button on the Profile screen Options menu).

To configure membership revenue groups, select Configuration> Profiles>Memberships> Revenue Groups. The Membership Revenue Groups screen appears.

The Membership Revenue Groups screen shows the membership revenue groups that have been configured. To set up membership revenue types that can be combined into membership revenue groups, select the Revenue Types button.

The Membership Revenue Groups screen provides the following information.

Group. The membership revenue group.

Description. A short description of the membership revenue group.

Revenue Types. The membership revenue codes that are included in the membership revenue group.

Seq. A sequence number that determines the position of this membership revenue group code in lists of values.

To delete membership revenue group, highlight your choice and select the Delete button.

Creating and Editing Membership Revenue Groups

To create a new membership revenue group, select the New button. To edit an existing membership revenue group, highlight your choice on the Membership Revenue Groups screen and select the Edit button. The Membership Revenue Groups- New or the Membership Revenue Groups - Edit screen appears.

Provide the following information and select OK.

Revenue Group. The membership revenue group name. Each name must be unique.

Description. A short description of the membership revenue group. This description displays when searching the Membership Revenue Groups list of values.

Display Sequence. The sequence number for this membership revenue group in LOVs. If no sequence number is assigned, the group will display in alphabetical order following any groups that have a display sequence number assigned.

Revenue Types. Select the down arrow to display the Revenue Types multi-select LOV. Choose the revenue types you wish to include in this membership revenue group.

Membership Revenue Groups Sequence on STAY_RECORDS Table

The following columns on the STAY_RECORDS table are populated by their respective membership revenue group display sequence numbers:










Note: Because there are only 9 columns available in the backend tables (STAY_RECORDS table and STAY_RECORDS_SUMMARY) for these buckets, the maximum number of membership revenue groups created on the Membership Revenue Groups screen should be 9.

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