Membership Card Number Auto Generation Setup

Users can setup OPERA to auto-generate primary membership card numbers based on the source and algorithm configuration. To generate the sequence numbers, select Profile>Memberships>Types>New or Edit.  A Sequence button is displayed on the lower-left of the Membership Types screen (for the PRIMARY membership only). For more information, see Membership Types.

Note: In ORS, to activate this functionality, set the Membership>Parameters>AUTO GENERATE MEMBERSHIP NO application parameter to Y. In PMS, set the Membership>Parameters>OCIS MEMBERSHIP CONFIGURATION application parameter to Y.

From the Membership Types screen, select the Sequence button to open the Membership Card Number Auto Generation Setup screen.

Select the New or Edit button to specify the sequence type (source) and formating information that will be validated and auto-generated.

Sequence Type. Select the down arrow and choose a sequence type from the list of values. The sequence type is the enrollment source for the membership and must be configured for ORS, WEB or another external system.

Membership Type. The membership type for which the membership card number is being auto-generated.

Card Prefix. Enter the prefix portion of the membership card number. This is the leading part of the number which remains the same on all membership cards of the membership type. For example, Delta numbers are prefixed by 2 followed by the unique membership number. If you are unsure of the prefix number, check with the program provider.

Random Generation. Select to format the membership number. When selected, a Format field and instructional pane are displayed.


Note: Valid format values are as follows: 9 for Numbers, X for Alphanumeric mixed, and A for Alpha only.

Format. Enter the format for the membership card number auto generation. The system will look at this sequence and randomly generate card numbers based on the specified format. This format must conform to the formating instructions as noted above.

From Sequence No. Enter the sequence from number for the membership card number.

To Sequence No. Enter the sequence to number for the membership card number.

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