OPERA Web Links

The Opera Web Links feature is available in ORS, PMS and S&C when the General>Opera Web Links application parameter is set to Y.

To open the Opera Web Links screen, select the Web Links button from either the ORS Sales screen or from the Reservation screen Options menu. The Web Links screen is also available in PMS, S&C, and ORS by selecting the Miscellaneous>Web Links menu bar option.


The Opera Web Links screen allows users to search for and open web links by highlighting the web link from the display list and selecting the Go button. In ORS environments, this feature enables central reservation offices to share business-related web sites with its users.

Note: Only URLs with valid web links appear on this screen. URLs that contain screen-specific variables (i.e. $$$f_b.resv_name_id$$$) do not appear.

Opera Web Links can also be configured to be accessible from a screen painted button on selected screens. See Opera Web Links Setup for information on configuring this option.

Search Criteria

Enter your search criteria and select the Search button.

Keyword Or Seq. Enter the full name, partial name, URL or sequence number of the web link. When the sequence number is entered and the Search button is selected, the web link will automatically open.


Short Name. The short name given to the URL.

Description. The brief description of the URL.

URL. The URL address of the web link.

Seq. The order in which the URL is listed.

Button Functions

Go. Select to open the web site for the highlighted URL. You can also double click the URL to open it.

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