Package Allowance Consumption for Checked Out Reservations

Note: When the application parameter mentioned in this help topic is active, this functionality does NOT reference the value defined for the Postings option on the IFC Postings Tab.

When the Cashiering>CONSUME ALLOWANCE WHEN NOPOST OR POST STAY FLAG application parameter should a package allowance remain on the day of the reservation’s departure for the package that has "Valid until C/O EOD" check box selected, the package allowance will be available for consumption as long as the appropriate transaction code is used up until the End of Day procedure is run for that departure date. Not only can this type of posting be completed for checked out reservations that have been selected for Post Stay Charges, but this can also be completed for reservations that have been checked out with an Open Folio.

In this situation OPERA will not generate the Package Profit / Loss at the time of checkout, instead it will be generated during the End of Day.

With this functionality, a couple different scenarios can occur and the following gives a breakdown of how the package allowance will be consumed, based on the scenario.

Checked Out Reservation with Post Stay Charges selected or Open Folio and No Post flag selected

Checked Out Reservation with Post Stay Charges selected or Open Folio and No Post flag NOT selected

For the reservation that have package attached with “Valid until C/O EOD” check box checked, the allowance will remain available past checkout but if Post Stay Charge privilege is not assigned or is not in Open Folio status then it cannot be consumed.

Note: When an interface posting consists of multiple transactions that refer to multiple transaction codes in OPERA, in order for OPERA to accept the entire check/set of transactions and post against allowance for a reservation with No Post flag, each of the individual transaction codes must have an allowance in OPERA or setup as alternates for the transaction code that has the allowance. If the total of all the postings from interface on one check exceeds the available allowance, OPERA will reject the entire posting from interface even if one of the transaction codes has an allowance. So essentially this will behave as all or none process where OPERA will accept the entire check/set of transaction from interface and consume allowance or reject an entire check as no Overage can be posted to a reservation with No Post flag when posting is from an Interface.

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