About Back Office

The OPERA Back Office Export system is designed to meet the needs of hotels and their management companies. The functions of the Accounts Payable, Daily Report, Fixed Assets, Payroll, General Ledger and Financial Statements are provided. All programs integrate directly to the General Ledger System, thus alleviating the necessity of redundant data entry.

The export works as follows:

Back Office module features include:

Revenue Transfer - All room, food and beverage, and package component revenues posted during night audit processing is transferred into the back office accounting system and into guest history files.

Market Statistics Transfer - Repeat guest history data is a valuable resource for the sales and marketing department. Data fields such as last date here (from - to), market/group code, postal codes, market IDs, plan codes, room types, special requests, source of business, promotions codes, location codes, VIPs, as well as data in user definable fields provide a wealth of information that helps your marketing department improve guest return rates. This data extraction is also designed for market analysis to see where your business is coming from.

Daily Statistics Transfer - General Ledger and Statistic Ledger analysis information. Transactions are captured for revenues, miscellaneous expenses (which may be processed through Paid-Outs), sub-ledgers’ activity and balances, (Guest, Advance Deposits and Accounts Receivable), payments (cash, credit cards, script, gift certificates, etc.), travel agent commissions activity (commissions payable, commission expense, pre-deducted commissions, checks written).

City Ledger Transfer - A/R invoice charges and payment entries, adjustments and void payments transactions, partial payments transactions, direct bill aging information, and company statements transactions.

Batch Transfer - Available when the Use Batch Transfer Mode? check box in the Back Office Interface Setup screen is set to Y to indicate you wish to transfer the information in a batch mode. If you use Batch Transfer Mode, files of the different elements selected for batch transfer will be created. With Batch Transfer Mode, you can define the sequence of transfer items. This allows the user to transfer both the city ledger and revenue files at the same time. Two different files will be created but only one export will occur.

Miscellaneous Export - Display the General Exports screen where exports can be defined and executed with the OPP_BO Back Office license activated.

Transfer Status - View the transfer status of each transfer type, i.e., the last date a transfer was carried out. The Transfer Status screen displays the date the last export was performed and the file number assigned.