About Catering Configuration

With the Configuration>Catering configuration module you set up diverse event and price planning and tracking components. Before Catering is functional, all data relevant to event scheduling must be entered into the system. The Catering setup modules contain all master tables and hold vital information to support your property's booking activity. You can design meal and refreshment menus, specify audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs, stages, dance floors and other requirements for each event. You can set revenue goals and track revenue performance. Catering configurable options include:

Menu Item Maintenance - Set up and edit menu item classes and menu items within each class.

Standard Menu Setup - Combine pre-existing menu items that can be sold for an all inclusive price or as a group of separately priced items.

Item Inventory Setup - Configure equipment or services that are being rented or sold to a customer as part of a catering function. These items are grouped into logical entities called item classes to enable an efficient search for these objects and services when booking an event.

Catering Packages/Templates - Configure catering packages and pricing for conferences and groups (daily delegate packages, residential conferences, special promotion packages, etc.). Include a breakdown of the package by event and resource type (function space, items, and food and beverage).

MeetingMatrix Configuration - With the OPP MHOT Multi-Property Base license code activated, you associate or link the OPERA properties in your multi-property cluster to the corresponding MeetingMatrix facilities. Use the Rooms Cross-Reference Configuration screen, you can associate a MeetingMatrix room layout template, setup styles, seating styles, resource items such as tables, chairs, risers, and podiums, etc., with each OPERA function space at a property.

Code Codes - Set up standard codes to be used throughout the Catering section along with their descriptions and language translations.

Revenue Group Setup - Set up revenue groups which are high-level categories or "wrappers" for revenue types so that you can report revenues from the revenue group level, if desired.

Revenue Type Setup - Define revenue types that are necessary when creating menu items, standard menus, and items, all of which are resources for the Event module.

Event Type Set Up - Define all valid event types that are going to be used by this property/chain. Event types are used in other parts of the Catering configuration to define menus and menu items, and should therefore be configured early on. Forecast figures can be linked to event types to warrant easy forecasting without having to complete resource details directly when booking an event.

Event Forecast Maintenance - Define event forecast amounts for different active revenue types per date range for each event based on the number of attendees, or as flat amounts which would be likely for function space rental and miscellaneous other services. These forecast figures will automatically be applied to an event when it gets booked within the date range for which the figures are valid.

Catering Meal Type Setup - Define meal type event classifications that allows you to group catering event types, for example breakfast, lunch, coffee break, and so on. An event type may be associated with a single catering meal type, primarily for reporting purposes using the Cover Count and Revenue Summary report.

Audit Log Configuration - Define specific fields that will be traced by the Event Change Log and the actions that should be monitored.

BEO Style Sheets - Create and manage your own XML style sheets for customized Banquet Event Orders.