About External Configuration

The Configuration>External module serves to assist you in configuring export records from the OPERA database in various output file formats to third party systems. The export process uses a series of dialog boxes in order to select, format, and control the exported data. Exporting is a way to output data and database objects to another database, spreadsheet, or file format so another database, application, or program can use the data or database objects. You can import, export, or link data from a number of different database, spreadsheet, and text file formats.

External configurable options include:

Back Office Interface - Define the Interface used to identify the external system to which the program will interface and to determine some basic interface options. Translate OPERA system codes (transaction, market segment or daily statistic codes) to a code which can be understood by the external Back Office System. Define revenue, market statistics, daily statistics, city ledger, and miscellaneous records according to the file specs information required by the third party accounting system.

Sales & Catering Interface - Available without the OPERA Sales & Catering module and with the OPP ESM External Sales and Marketing license code activated. Define the interface defaults. Specify the folder on the network where the import files from Sales & Catering will reside. Map the codes between the Sales & Catering and OPERA programs. Set up the Link Files used for linking OPERA-created blocks with Sales & Catering-created blocks. Configure and generate export files for various allotments to include availability, check out, comparison, detail, future groups, header, in house groups, and reservations information.

Export Files - Collect information from different views/tables and export the data to an ASCII text file. To use this utility in OPERA, the OPP EXP Export Files license code should be activated.

Country Exports - When the Application Settings Exports>Country Exports function is set to Yes, this option is used to generate all country specific legal exports and does not require any particular export license code to be set and does not require any particular export license code to be set. The data that is extracted from OPERA is inserted into a different database to be processed.