About Reservations Configuration

The Configuration>Reservations module is where you customize the OPERA reservations setup for your business needs. Set up your property's room types,  room numbers, and reservation codes to enable you to spend your valuable time using OPERA  and becoming more familiar with its many features.

Reservation configurable options include:

Reservation Codes - Define and set up codes used specifically when making reservations (out of order reasons, assignment reasons, housekeeping sections/attendants/tasks, reservation types, deposit/cancellation rules, rule schedules, move/discount/cancellation reasons, origin/status codes, waitlist priorities/codes, alerts, and guest status/type/entry point).

Room Classes - Room Class functionality is available when the Application Settings>General>Room Class function is set to Y. A room class is used to group or place a hierarchy of different room types available in your property.

Room Types - Identify each type of room available in your property. In OPERA, availability is calculated and displayed by room type, so you should only define those room types that you consider being vital for tracking availability. Function Space and Global Room Types are also configurable options for properties.

Rooms - Define characteristics for each room number/function space in the property in order for it to be used by OPERA. Before you can define rooms, you must have already defined room types, room classes and preferably room features.

Business Blocks - Define booking types, reservation methods, block cancellation/lost/refused reasons, destination codes, and contract billing instructions.

Floor Plans - Designing a floor plan that is specific to your property. You can define each floor or wing of your property separately and either draw a graphic floor plan (showing floor layout) or simply create a rooms list.

Function Space Classifications. Function spaces are typically spaces such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms, swimming pools, outside areas, and so on. These spaces can be booked for events. Configuring function spaces is handled by these options:

Item Inventory. Available when the Reservations>Item Inventory application function is set to Y. Item Inventory functionality provides features for tracking stocks of items (such as rollaway beds, cribs, recreational equipment, etc.) and managing assignment of those items to guest reservations.

Sell Messages - Create sell messages to help your reservation agents secure a booking during a customer query.

Closing Script - Use the Closing Script Editor to create unique closing scripts that are used to confirm customer hotel-booking details for a property.