Agent Statistics (agentstat with RESORS1.FMX)

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The Agent Statistics Report identifies the total number of reservations made by an agent, per selected property(s), within a specified date range. You can view a property's reservation information such as reservation dates, responsible agent, reservation status, property revenue, number of room nights, and the Average Daily Rate (ADR) for the selected property(s).

Selection Criteria

Property. Select the property(s) you want to view.

Date Range. Type the dates or select the dates from the drop down calendar for the date range you want to view.

AppUser. Select the User ID(s) (CRO agent) whose records will be available.

Resv. Type. Select the type of reservation, such as Cancelled, Checked In, Checked Out, Due In, Due Out, No Show, Prospect, Reserved, Waitlist, and Walkin.