AR Number Sequence

Available when the Cashiering>Automatically Assign AR Number application parameter is set to Y, selecting the Configuration>Cashiering>AR Number Sequence>Sequence menu option allows a property to define a range of AR Numbers assign to new AR accounts when the Cashiering>Accounts Receivables application parameter is set to Y or N.

AR Number Sequence Screen

Property. Available when the OPP_MHOT Multi-Property add-on license is active. Select the down arrow to choose a property from the list. Only those properties to which the logged-in user has property access and permissions will be displayed.

Start Value. Enter the starting value that will be assigned to the next AR Account that is created. This value can be updated at any time and once the OK button is selected, this value will be assigned to the next AR Account that is created.

End Value. Enter the last value that can be assigned to a AR Account. When this value is reached in OPERA, a message prompt is displayed to notify the user that all available values from the AR Number Sequence have been used and that no new AR Accounts can be created for the property. AR Accounts can only be created if the value entered in this field is increased or if any existing AR Accounts that are no longer used are deleted and these AR Account Numbers can be re-used.

Inactive. Select to inactivate the AR Number Sequence functionality. Inactivating this means that AR Accounts will no longer use this sequence for assigning AR Account Numbers to the AR Accounts and will use the current functionality in OPERA to assign the account numbers. See AR Account Search Screen for details.

Button Functions

OK. Select to implement the AR Number Sequence when AR Accounts are created. In a multi-property environment, user will be prompted to copy this AR Number sequence to other properties.

Close. Select to close the AR Number Sequence screen.

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