Configure OPERA for Quick Address Software

Set up the Quick Address Software settings within the OPERA application.

From the OPERA System Configuration Menu, select Setup>Application Settings and set the application function Profiles>Quick Address to Y. The new menu option Quick Address Setup now displays as the last option in the Configuration>Profile menu. Please take note that the configuration instructions explained in this topic pertain to Quick Address Software Version 3.10 for Windows NT only.

Note: You may notice that there are other, seemingly related, application functions, parameters and settings that refer to address cleansing. However, both the application function Profiles>Address Cleansing and application setting - Address Cleansing Timeout are also used to configure external address cleansing interfaces. Therefore it will always be available from the Application Settings menu regardless of whether Quick Address Software is installed or not.

Set up the OPERA user permission to grant users access to the Quick Address Setup menu option The permission required for access to the Quick Address Setup menu is Profiles Config>Quick Address Setup. From the OPERA System Configuration Menu, select Setup>User Configuration>Users.

Define Preferences in the Quick Address Setup Menu

Use the Quick Address Setup menu to customize the OPERA work environment for interacting with the Quick Address Software.

You can define specific text or information to always display if the user enters the code on the profile. For example, if you want a ‘#’ sign to always display before the Address1 field, you can map ‘# 1’ into the Address1 field so that each address will be preceded with a # before the address.

Note: Search strings are invoked by the Address1 field for county codes AU and NZ (Australia and New Zealand).

Customize the Profile Screen through Screen Design

Set a Tab Order Search

You will need to set the tab order for Country and then Postal Code, as these are determining factors in searching for an address. The tab order is set through the Screen Painting function. See Screen Painting for more details on how to set the tab order on the following profile screens:

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