Install the Quick Address Software

Install the Library Files

You must install the Quick Address Software prior to configuring it to use with OPERA and prior to setting the library path. The installation instructions explained in this topic pertain to the Quick Address Software Version 3.10 for Windows NT.

Install the Quick Address Software library on either the C: or D: drives of the OPERA Database Server with additional drive space available according to Quick Address Software specifications.

Note: Drives G:, H:, I:, J:, and K: on the OPERA Database Server are reserved exclusively for the installation of OPERA database files and should not be used to install the Quick Address Software.

When the Quick Address Software is installed on the OPERA Database Server, a library is created. The path to this library must be entered in the Set Library Path field in Configuration>Profiles>Quick Address Setup>Set Path Library Path screen. See Configure OPERA for Quick Address Software for more detailed examples.

Install the Data Files

Update the Quick Address Software

Data updates are available from Quick Address Software. When you receive a new data CD from Quick Address Software follow the steps below to perform the data update. Please contact your regional office or Quick Address Software distributor for more information regarding updates.

Note: Make sure that no users are using the Quick Address Software program to ensure that there is no sharing violation when performing the update. The update should take approximately 10 minutes.

Windows NT Server

Install QAS Postal Barcode Fonts (AU and NZ only)

To properly display addresses from New Zealand and Australia (with barcodes) on reports and confirmation letters, fonts must be installed and configured on the OPERA Application Server first.

The preferred font for printing Australian addresses is the 'QUICASB_.TTF', which is specifically designed for this purpose and is included on the installation CD.

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"QuickAddress 4State Barcode"  = "QUICASB_.TTF"

Reports that utilize this font are:





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