DB Stay Export Data Definition (DB_STAY_DAY & DB_STAY_NIGHT)

The DB Stay Night Export can be automatically generated and transmitted to the application server during the End of Day procedure in OPERA. (Night Audit Export should be selected on the Export File Details setup form in order to run the export during End of Day processing.)  The DB Stay Day Export can be manually run for any past date by selecting Miscellaneous>File Export>General or Configuration>External>Export Files.

Configuration and Setup Requirements

The DB STAY export provides a breakout of the revenue buckets for the stay for all reservations checked out for a given date. The export first provides a summary record for each reservation checked out on a given date and then one row for each day of the stay/Billing screen window combination showing:

File transfer can be completed via the OXI_HUB Interface, with an HTTP address that is set up for the export file via the Export File Details screen.

The file is located at:


Views Used by this Export


Pre Export Procedure


Explanation of the Procedure

This procedure populates the export view.

The procedure will retrieve all the checked out guests for the given date and calculate the required information.

1. DBSTAY_DETAIL : The Summary record

2. DBSTAY_DAILY_DETAIL:  The details records for each day of stay

Parameters Used for the Procedure


Post Export Procedure

exp_create_data.delete_report_table - Cleans up the data added by the pre-export procedure.

Parameter Form

Input Parameters

DB_STAY_DAY prompts for the date for which you wish to run the export. Only past dates are valid.

DB_STAY_DAY & DB_STAY_NIGHT Export File Header and Detail Data

See the DB Stay Export File Header and Detail Data

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