Delivery Method for Reservations (delvryresv with DELVRYRESV.FMX)

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This report identifies how a new reservation confirmation letter is being sent to the guest (by Email, Fax, or Printed/Mailed) and the status of the letter (Pending or Successful).  Users can select a date range and properties within the CRO to view this information. Information in the report also includes the resort, reservation confirmation number, date the letter was sent, to whom it was sent (Individual guest or other type of guest or caller), name of the guest, and based on the destination type the corresponding email id, fax number, and mailing address will be displayed.

For more information on confirmation letters and delivery method configuration, see Confirmations Letters and Confirmation Delivery.

Selection Criteria

Property. Select the down arrow to select the property or properties whose confirmation letter delivery method and status you want to view.

Date Range. Select the date range (From Date and To Date) for when you want to view the property(s) confirmation letter delivery status.