Daily Pickup Report Summary (ors_pickup with GENREPPAR.FMX)

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The Daily Pickup Report displays the property's pickup statistics (the number of rooms actually picked up after having been reserved) for the day selected. The report compares the days statistics with month-to-date statistics (and daily average) of this year to month-to-date statistics (and daily average) of last year.  Some of the statistics for the day include: New Room Nights, Cancelled Room Nights, Net Pickup, New Room Revenue, Cancelled Room Revenue, Net Pickup Revenue, and Average Room Rate of a New Pickup.

Selection Criteria

Date. Select the date for the pickup information you want to view. The field defaults to the previous business date.

Currency. Select the currency type you would like to view for the pickup.

Group By. Select how you would like the report grouped (Booking Channel, Country/Property).