Error Log

OPERA provides an error reporting method to advise of bookings that were not processed. If the HR and DR files cannot be imported, the user will receive a message '<import path name>Unsuccessful. Please check error log in the error log files directories.'



D:\IMPORT\WEBIN\OPERA1\FDH1\READ (successfully read)

will have already been set up as sub directories of the Import directory by your system administrator.

Select the Errors button on the External Interface screen to open the Error screen where all unsuccessful transmissions are displayed by filename, date, and time.

Double-clicking on the Error Text field will display a detailed explanation of why the file was unsuccessfully imported.

The Sales & Catering error text for the DR file includes the block name so that identifying the block in OPERA is easily found. When Sales & Catering sends the market/source code as spaces or blank, OPERA extracts the market/source code called 'Blank'. If there is no such mapping set up, the file is not imported, and an associated error appears in the error log.

Note: OPERA does not accept Pseudo Room types for import from Sales & Catering in the DR file. These records are rejected by OPERA and an associated error appears in the error log.

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