Financial Transactions by Folio No. (finjrnlbytrans3 with CAS9.FMX)

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The Financial Transactions by Folio No. report output lists transactions per folio created by the selected workstation(s) during the report timeframe. The report shows only transactions that would have been visible on the folio and Billing screen and omits internal transactions.

Selection Criteria


Date Range

From Date/To Date. Enter a date range that is equal to, or less than the business date and does not exceed the maximum of 35 days.


Workstation. Select the down arrow to choose the Opera workstation where the folio was generated.

Negative Postings Only. Select this check box to only display negative postings on the report.


Supp./Ref./CC Num. Select to display any information that is entered in the Supplement or Reference fields and the Credit Card Number on the report.

Group By. Folio No. (default), Workstation, Date, Trx. Group, Trx. Subgroup.

Sort Order. Chronological (default), Workstation, Folio No.

Function Buttons

Preview. Select to preview the report in a PDF format.

Print. Select to print the report.

File. Select to save the report as a file.

Close. Select to exit the specific report

Report Output


Date. Date the transaction took place in the short date format defined for this property.

Time. Time when the transaction occurred.

Room No. Room number that the transaction was debited/credited for.

Folio No. Folio number (bill number).

Name. Name of the guest responsible for the transaction posting.

Trn. Code. Transaction code used for the posting.

Description. Description of the transaction code.

Check No. This field is auto-filled with a check number by the End of Day process if the End of Day>Auto Check Number application parameter is set to Y. It also shows the check number for transactions entered by a POS.

Fiscal Unit Control Code. (For SE Country Code only.) The control code of the fiscal unit processing this folio.

Debit. Amount of debit to the guest's account.

Credit. Amount of credit to the guest's account.

Tax Generates. Taxes that have been added to a guest's bill for this particular transaction code that was selected for the posting. The 1, 2. and 3 columns display the subtotal bucket that holds the transaction amount on which the generates are based (called the base transaction) based on the configuration of the property.

Cash ID. Cashier ID number and Opera user name of the cashier who posted this transaction.

Supplement/Reference/Credit Card No. Column displays any information that has been entered into the Supplement and Reference fields and if a credit card was used for the transaction, then the credit card number is displayed here also.

Exp. Date. Expiration date of the credit card used for the transaction.

Receipt No. Receipt number assigned to the transaction.

User Name. User name of the person who was logged in that completed the posting.

Company Name. Company name from RESORT table - Summary section.

Property Tax ID. General>Property Tax ID application setting.

Total Number of Transactions. total number of transactions covered by the report.

Total Number of Folios. Total number of folios covered by the report.