Flush the Pool

The Flush the Pool Utility, Utilities>Tools>Flush the Pool, clears out the memory area in the case of non-standard system behavior and performance issues. Reloading of all SQL statements into the memory will occur.

When running this utility, the Shared Pool memory cache will be cleared out. The Shared Pool is a portion of memory that stores SQL statements and instructions that the property uses over and over. By storing this information in the Shared Pool, certain processes are allowed to quickly access this data from memory instead of reading the data from a much slower hard drive.

When the Shared Pool is flushed, the information that is stored there is deleted and certain processes may temporarily take longer to run until it is filled again.

Note: It is recommended that this Utility be run on a limited basis, as it will affect the whole database by flushing the pool for all the properties and schemas associated with it.

After the Utility is finished running, a message box will appear to inform the user that the process has been completed. Select the OK button to close the window.