Groups Reports

Blocks by Cutoff Date - The Blocks By Cutoff Date Report can be used by Reservations or Sales staff to determine which dates specific blocks will be cut off.

Block Information - The Blocks Information Report displays a detailed breakdown of a Block header and Room Grid, for a specified date range. The date range can be set for the past or the future and can be filtered for a specific Block.

Business Block Listing - This is a line report that displays most of the main business block details for a list of bookings, and is useful to follow up on group booking decision dates, cutoff dates or to provide a list of bookings due to arrive in the coming week(s) or month(s).

Business Block Total Spend Report - The Business Block Total Spend Report displays the total spent for a group (e.g., allotment header) that includes all revenues posted to any reservations associated with the block. This report will give a summary similar to the summary screen on an allotment header in granular detail by showing revenues broken down to the Transaction Code 'sub-group' level.

Group Pickup - The Group Pickup Report provides a breakdown for all existing and future Blocks. The report includes information from the Block Header including Block Code, Start Date, Source Code, Current Status, Market Code, Origin Code and Rate Code. The display includes details with the status for the Original block, Current, Pickup, and Available.