Import Postal Codes

The Import Postal Codes utility, Utilities>Data>Import Postal Codes, can only be run by a user with the correct permission. When running this utility, all of the old postal codes for the selected country are deleted, then the new and up-to-date postal codes are imported into OPERA.

Note: It is recommended that this utility be run on a limited basis, as it may take awhile for the process to complete. When selecting the OK button, a message saying, "Uploading postal codes can take a while. Do you want to continue?" reminds the user that this utility is time consuming.

The postal_codes_us.sid script is available in the OPERA app server \runtimes folder for importing US Zip codes. To import postal codes for other countries using the Import Postal Codes utility, use postal_codes_us.sid as an example to create a postal_codes_[countrycode].sid script and save it in the OPERA app server \runtimes folder.

Selection Criteria

Provide the following information in the Import Postal Codes screen and select the OK button.

Country Code. Select the country from the single select list to import the postal codes fo that country.