Interface Submenu (Shift+F8)

The Shift+F8 function key displays the Interfaces option which is also available from the main menu bar by selecting Miscellaneous>Interfaces.

This option will only display if the property is working with interfaces and has activated the specific interface license code and parameters. The Interfaces option is used to carry out interface-related functions that are relevant to the day-to-day Front Office operation, for example, cutting keys and monitoring the phone and video interfaces in guest rooms.

Menu Options

Select the Interfaces option for information on all installed interfaces. You will see a list of all interfaces installed in your property (i.e., interfaces to your telephone system, point of sale, video system, door-locking, etc.). When you select one of the interfaces, you will receive a number of options.

For example, when you access your telephone interface, you may view the Interface Status in general or the Telephone Status for all or selected rooms.

The options you are offered with each interface depend entirely on the kind of interface you have selected, the capability of the third-party system and the setup of the interface. They can include the option to lock/unlock telephones, allow you to print key cards, check the status of the POS interface, to turn the message light on or off, to enable or disable Pay TV, etc.

Note: For complete information on the Interfaces menu and the installation of interfaces, see Interfaces for details.

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