Logout (F8)

Select Miscellaneous>Show Quick Keys>Logout (F8) or press F8 from any area in the OPERA application. This function key allows you to change users without exiting the program. This is especially helpful when users have to leave their workstation for a moment.

Press F8 and the login window appears on the screen. The User and Password fields will be blank where you can enter the next user's login information. The Domain, Property, and Language fields default to the previous user's selections. (See OPERA Login Screen for more information.)


Whoever wants to use the workstation now must log in with his user ID and password and select Login. When you complete a correct login, the menu option that you worked on before pressing F8 is unlocked again. This means that you do not have to exit the program to change a user. This can be very useful if a user does not have rights to execute a certain operation and has to call the manager.

Example: An employee is posting charges to a guest folio. He is not allowed to make corrections. At the point where he wants to enter a correction in the Quantity field, OPERA will display a message stating that the user has no rights for this operation. He will have to call the manager. The manager presses F8, enters his user ID and password, makes the correction and presses F8 again. Every change a user makes is shown in the User Activity Log together with the user ID, the date and the time of the change. Therefore everyone should have their own individual login name and always press F8 before leaving the workstation. Then, nobody can work on anyone else’s login.