Member Awards - Query Awards

The Query Awards screen is used to begin issuing an award to a member in exchange for award points. You initially specify details for the type of award (rate, upgrade, product, or other), the property where the award points redemption will be made, dates for the award redemption, and other details. You then check availability at the property based on your specifications.

You can access the Query Awards screen by selecting the Issue button from the Member Award List screen. To access the Member Award List screen select Options>Memberships from the Individual Profile screen. The Profile Membership screen appears. At the Profile Membership screen, select Award List. The Member Award List screen appears.

Screen Description

At the top of the screen, the Member Details section provides information about the guest's membership:

Membership Card Number. The card ID number on the membership card.

Name on Card. The name on the membership card. This name may differ from the guest's name (for example, if the membership is sponsored by a company).

Joined Date. The date the member joined the membership program.

Membership Type. The membership program code.

Membership Level. The tier level of the membership.

Expiration Date. The membership expiration date.

Points Available. The total award points currently available for redemption.

In the lower part of the screen you may enter information for use in querying for availability of redeeming points for awards. Information fields differ as noted, depending on whether you are redeeming points for a rate award, an upgrade award, a product award, or other (as indicated by the Award Based On selection you make).

Award Based On. Select the down arrow to choose the basis of the award. Options include Rates, Product, Upgrades, Other:


Availability. Select the Availability button to display a list of the awards available based on the type of award and other criteria you entered in the Query Awards screen. The awards available for your search criteria appear in the Awards Based On...screen, depending on the type of award searched for.

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