Spain Police Report (police_report_es with GEN1.FMX)

The Spain Police Report (police_report_es) may be used to verify the ES_POLICE_EXPORT and ES_POLICE_EXPORT_DAY export information prior to creating the export and uploading it to the designated police website. This report is available when the Exports>Country Exports application parameter is set to Y and the property's Country Mode = ES.

Prior to generating the export (manually or automatically during End of Day processing), this report may be used to verify that the export will contain guest information for all individual reservations that arrived on the date of the report, along with information for all their accompanying guests, and that all required fields are populated. The following conditions determine which reservation/guest information is to be included in the report:

When the Incomplete Only check box is selected, the report lists only those reservations where one or more of the fields required for the export are missing.

The report filters show the Hotel Code (HOTELCODE) that will be used in the export file name. The Hotel Code is configured in the Export Definitions section of the Export File Details screen. See ES_POLICE_EXPORT and ES_POLICE_EXPORT_DAY for details.

Note: Because the Hotel Code is configured for each individual export, there may be more than one code configured. The report will use the HOTELCODE configured for the ES_POLICE_EXPORT (the export configured to run during the End of Day procedures).

Selection Criteria


Date. Enter the date for which you wish to run the report. The report will include reservations/guests which have an arrival date equal to the date selected. The default is the current date.

Incomplete Only. Select this check box to list only those reservations where one or more of the fields required for the export are missing.

Button Functions

Preview. Use the preview option to view the generated output of this report in PDF format.

Print. Use the Print button to print the report to the selected output.

File. Prints the generated report output to a PDF file.

Close. Closes this report screen.

Report Output

Note: If your property is included in a database schema that has one or more properties in Korea (KR) country mode, Date of Birth and ID Number information is masked with X's by default.