Quick Address Setup

Quick Address Software is a rapid address entry and verification tool that provides postal code data from multiple countries for accurate and consistent address recording. The Quick Address Software for OPERA has been programmed for properties that want to profit from the Quick Address rapid addressing system. Quick Address Software lets users enter address information quickly and accurately from an underlying application in a standard user-defined format. Only minimal data entry is required to retrieve a full address, and even incomplete or partially inaccurate data can return full results. Quick Address Software uses the highest quality address data available directly from the national postal administration of each country, ensuring that data is accurate, and verified against the national standard. Where multiple country data is being used, all data is accessed from the same Database Server.

When creating or editing guest profiles you need only enter the country code and the postal code (these fields can be repositioned through Screen Painter). OPERA displays the street address, and you complete the address by adding a house number, saving data entry and call time. When a user enters a country code, OPERA verifies that a setup has been configured for the country, and when a user enters a postal code, OPERA then looks to the path where the Quick Address Software library resides. OPERA completes the address fields on the Profile screen with the information found within the Quick Address Software based on the mapping from the configuration setup. If no address matches are found for the country and postal code, users are prompted for the next field. If the postal code is changed from the original postal code, the verification is checked against the library as if it was a new address entry. To eliminate the likelihood of being inundated with a large number of search results, most of which may not even be relevant, the application setting PROFILES>QAS MAX RESULTS can be set to a more manageable number of maximum results with a cap of 100 results per search.

The Quick Address Software for OPERA runs on Windows NT. Windows NT servers require the Quick Address Software Version 3.10 or later install CD. The accompanying data CD provided by Quick Address Software contains the data files required for Windows NT installation.

Note: Some country codes ([AU] Australia and [NZ] New Zealand) have special rules that must be followed in order for the Quick Address Software to behave as intended. For this reason, country codes AU and NZ will invoke address searching from the Address1 field the Profiles screen (Individual, Contacts, Accounts, etc) and each of their subsequent Profile Address screens. All other countries must first have the country code selected and a whole or partial postal code submitted in order to invoke address searching.

The setup options that are required for Quick Address Setup are described in the following topics.

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