The Business Block Listing report only displays when the OPS <version number> Sales & Catering license code is active. This is a line report that displays much of the business block details for a list of bookings. It has multiple filter combinations and sort options and is useful to follow up on group booking decision dates, cutoff date or to provide a list of booking due to arrive in the coming week(s) or month(s).

Note: When printing this Report help topic, we recommend printing with Landscape page orientation.

When the OPR <version number> ORS license code is active, the Select Property screen appears prior to the REP_BUSBLOCK_LIST.FMX screen. Choose the property you want to view and select the OK button. The REP_BUSBLOCK_LIST.FMX screen appears.

Note: This report requires that the user be granted the BLOCK PRINT permission in the selected property to run the report. Also, the Property LOV in this report is further limited by the properties to which the user has the appropriate access granted.

Selection Criteria

Arrival Date Range (From/To). The arrival date range for one or more of the bookings you wish to review on this report (e.g., arrivals between 12/12/06 and 12/24/06).

Decision Date Range (From/To). The decision date range for one or more of the bookings you wish to review on this report.

Cutoff Date Range (From/To). The cutoff date range for one or more of the bookings you wish to review on this report.

Block Types (All/Catering/Rooms). Determines if only bookings with room details only, only ‘catering only’ bookings or all bookings should be included. Please note that the decision date filter and cutoff date filter only look at the ROOMS decision and cutoff dates in any case.

Company. Multi Select LOV to display specific companies in the results of the report.

Travel Agent. Multi Select LOV to display specific travel agents in the results of the report.

Group By. Defines the first sort/group order for which a sub-total should be calculated and printed on group change.

Sort Order. Displays the Sort Order screen which allows you to select the order of the filter criteria you have selected for this report. Available options are: Arrival Date, Cutoff Date, Decision Date, Overall Owner, Rooms Owner, Catering Owner, Booking Status.

Page Break. Defines if a page break should occur after at each change in the group as defined in ‘Group By’.

Property. Available when the OPS_MHT2 license is active; choose the property, or properties, for which the report should be printed.

Block Status. Multi Select LOV allowing specific selection of a business block status. Typically a lost, cancelled, or refused status would be chosen here.

Overall Owner. Multi Select LOV allowing for the selection of specific overall booking owners.

Rooms Owner. Multi Select LOV allowing for the selection of specific rooms owners.

Catering Owner. Multi Select LOV allowing for the selection of specific catering owners.

Exclude Lost/Canceled Catering Revenue. Select this check-box to exclude all revenues from Lost or Cancelled Catering Events. If left unchecked, all the canceled or lost revenue is included in this report.

Currency. Select the currency type in which to display revenue type values on this report.

Button Functions

Preview. Use the preview option to view the generated output of this report in PDF format.

Print. Use the Print button to print the report to the selected output.

File. Prints the generated report output to an *.rtf file.

Close. Closes this report screen.

Report Data

Booking information that prints on this report includes: Business Block ID, Contact Name, Agent or Source Account Name, Block Code, Account Name, Business Block Name, Arrival Date, Departure Date, Current Block Status, and the Date the booking was changed to this status. Also included are Rooms Owner, Catering Owner, and Overall Owner as well as the Rooms Decision Date, Rooms Cut-off Date, Total Room Nights, Average Room Rate, Rooms Revenue, and Total Revenue. The total revenue figure is calculated on room revenue plus the revenue from catering events. When the business block catering status is ACTUAL, the total revenue is calculated based on the billed event revenue.

The Master Allocations Room Nights, Room Revenue, and Total Revenue columns are calculated based on Available rooms (not Blocked rooms).

For business blocks with any status prior to an ACTUAL status, the booked room nights and revenue are shown as they exist in the Room Grid. If rates are used that are inclusive of taxes and/or packages, these elements are NOT calculated out and the rates and revenues are displayed as GROSS. For business blocks in an ACTUAL status, the picked-up number of rooms, picked-up rates and revenues are displayed as they are calculated from the pick-up reservations. In this case, the revenue and average room rate are NET of any taxes or package elements.

Account Name is displayed according to the following profile type hierarchy: