Reservation Summary Report (ressummary with GEN1.FMX)

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The Reservation Summary Report provides a summarized breakdown per day of all Reservation activity in the property. The Transient Rooms will reflect Total Deducted Reservations plus Total Non-deducted Reservations.

Total Occupied Rooms = Individual Reservations + Picked Up Block Reservations + Non Picked Up Block Reservations (Total Occ. Rms.).

Individual Rooms = All reservations not attached to a Block (Ind Rooms).

Block Rooms = All reservations attached to a Block (Blk Rms PU).

Block Rooms Remaining = Remaining block rooms which have not been reserved (Blk Rms Not PU).

Occupancy Percentage = Total Projected Occupied Rooms /Inventory rooms (Physical Inventory – OOO Rooms) (% Occ). The Total Projected Occupied Rooms is equal to the Ind Rms + Blk Rms PU + Blk Rms Not PU.

Room Revenue = Individual Rooms + Block Rooms Picked Up.

Average Rate = Room Revenue/Individual Rooms + Block Rooms Picked Up.

Therefore, the Occupancy projection will include the Block Rooms NOT Picked Up but the Revenue figures are only representing actual Reservations for the Projected Revenue.

Block Arrival and Block Departure Rooms will reflect the number of reservations, which are attached to a block. This is irrespective of the Profile type attached to the Block Header.

Selection Criteria

Stay Date Range

Stay Date Range. Default date range is Business Date + 1 month. Any future date range may be selected.


Room Class. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Room Classes. Only include Reservations that are made for the selected Room Class. When the General>Room Class application function is active, select the room class from the list of values to filter with.

Deduct/Non Deduct. Select to determine the Reservation Type that will be taken into consideration for the report output. User may select one or a combination of Deduct and Non Deduct. If neither checkbox is selected, the output will take into account Deduct Reservation Types only.

Function Buttons

Preview. Select to preview the report in a PDF format.

Print. Select to print the report.

File. Select to save the report as a file.

Close. Select to exit the specific report.