Sales Tiered Statistics (sales_tiered_stats with FOR9.FMX)

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Note: A component suite's Average Daily Rate (ADR) calculation is based on the number of physical rooms making up the component suite.

The Sales Tiered Statistics report will display a breakdown of the Room Nights, Room Revenue, and ADR by guest Length of Stay.  If the function RATE TIERS is not active, the Length of Stay groupings will be 1-4, 5-11, 12-29, and 30+ days.  When RATE TIERS is active, the report will use the Lengths of Stay configured by the Property in Configuration->Rate Management>Rate Classifications>Rate Tiers.  The report has only enough room to display three LOS tiers. The first column will display the date range of Tier 1 and the Third column will display the Date Range for Tier 3.  The middle column is a combination of the remaining configured tiers. If only two Length of Stay tiers are configured the third Tier column will not display.

Based on the Group By selection, the report will either print a breakdown by Room Class, Room Type, Market Group, Market Code or display a Property summary. The report output is broken down into two sections, the first section is for the date selected and the second section is a MTD total. The MTD is always for the month of the date selected.

The room class and market main group filter are picked up from reservation_stat_daily table. This means, if the Market Group has changed for a Market Code, the Revenue and Rooms will be displayed under the OLD Market Group.

The Revenue directly posted on a ‘Pseudo’ rooms will not be reflected on the report output. Revenues generated by passer-by or posted in AR will be considered under the LOWEST Length of Stay Tier.

FOR9.FMX Selection Criteria



Date. Manually enter, or select the Calendar button to choose, the date for the report.


Room Class.  Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific Room Classes.  Only include reservations that are made for a room type that is in the selected room class. Available when the General>Room Class application function is set to Y. Default is all room classes.

Room Type. Multi Select LOV for filtering on specific room types. Only include reservations that are made with a room type that is in the selected room types.

Market Group. Select specific market groups to filter the results of the report by.

Market Code. Select specific market codes to filter the results of the report by.


Unused Codes. Select to include all codes since the beginning of the year. If unchecked, the report will show records that do not have zero values for both the Room and Revenue columns.

Group By

Room.  Single Select LOV.  Selection can be Room Class (if ROOM CLASS function is active), Room Type or NULL.  Null selection is the blank line in the LOV.

Market.  Single Select LOV.  Selection can be market group, market code or NULL.  Null selection is the blank line in the LOV.

Note:  If both the Room Group By and the Market Group By selections are ‘Null’, the report output will be for the Property.

Function Buttons

Preview. Select to preview the report in a PDF format.

Print. Select to print the report.

File. Select to save the report as a file.

Close. Select to exit the specific report.