About Reserve Accounts

Reserve accounts are interest bearing accounts that receive contributions from owners for fees, payments, and other capital expenditures, and must be set up for all properties that participate in Revenue Pooling. The owner's main fund is debited with a percentage of the revenue via a payment or debit for the account.

Reserve accounts are managed through the Reserve Accounts screen, and unlike accounts where only two can be open at a time, you can have as many reserve accounts as necessary.

Fees and payments are posted as individual transactions to the reserve account for expenditures. If the fee calculation includes percentage or flat amounts, the amount will be distributed at month end. Interest is also posted to the account as an internal transaction code. The transactions are then automatically credited to the owner's FF&E reserve account, and at month-end, balances are then calculated for both the main account and the FF&E reserve account.

Each owner should be aware  of the total contribution and any interest earned for the account (by way of the reserve account statement).

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