Synchronize Block Occupancies

Select Utilities>Synchronize Utilities>Synchronize Block Occupancies to display the Synchronize Block Occupancies screen. Use this screen as directed by MICROS support  to ensure that the sum of room nights booked in different occupancy levels on a block corresponds to the total number of room nights that has been booked for the same block. The Utility will also correct any discrepancies in the allotment change logs and update these change logs so that the sum of changes again corresponds to the total number of rooms held on the block at that moment in time.

Note: The Business Block Compare Utility should be run directly after running Synchronize Block Occupancies.

Note: The Synchronize Block Occupancies utility also includes block revenue offset calculations when the Blocks>BUSINESS BLOCK OFFSETS function is set to Y and offset types are applied to a block.

To run the block occupancies synchronization utility, provide the following information and select the OK button.

Property. This LOV appears when the OPP_MHOT OPERA Property Management Multi-Property Base add-on license code or OPR<version number>ORS license code is active. Select the down arrow to select a property from the list of values.

From Date/To Date. Enter the dates to be covered by the synchronization action. Past, current and future dates can be run for the utility.

Record Changes On. Select the radio button that indicates the date you want to create an adjustment record in the allotment change logs for attach. In order to correctly report sales manager production it is highly recommended to use the option ‘Date of last block change’. Current business date should only be used when specifically instructed to do so.

Note: When the Synchronize Block Occupancies utility is run, an entry is logged in the User Activity Log under Configuration in the Activity Group filter.

Tables and Views Affected by the Synchronization