Update Business Date Utility

To access the Update Business Date Utility, select Utilities>Property Config>Update Business Date from the Utilities menu bar.

Note: This utility is made available for live standalone S&C properties that have decided to integrate S&C with PMS (that is, properties that are activating the OPP license for the first time).

This utility is password protected. Contact MICROS Technical Support to obtain the password.

This utility will bring the S&C business date up to the current system date. (It is not possible to select a specific start date.) We suggest that you run this utility sometime prior to the PMS go-live date; from then on, run End of Day processing, as appropriate, to update the business date until the actual PMS go-live date. When the PMS license is activated, S&C will be running on the PMS business date.

The following conditions must be met in order for this utility to be available: