VIP Levels

When the Profiles Config>VIP Level Configuration user permission is activated in a stand alone environment, OPERA provides the ability to define different VIP levels for your guests. Select System Configuration>Profile>VIP Levels to define numeric or alphanumeric codes for VIP levels designations.

When the Reservations>Reservation Color Definition application setting is set to VIP Levels, then the color assigned to the VIP Level of the guest will display on the Reservation, Reservation Search, Telephone Operator, and Folio History screens and can display on certain reports.

Many properties have a VIP level program to augment their Comps systems. The program strategy is the more Comp points guests earn, the higher VIP level they reach. Having a higher VIP level involves several benefits including higher bet limits, better Comp conversions, access to special VIP only promotions and events and faster currency withdrawal procedures. The VIP level program is a property's way of saying thank you to their most loyal customers.

A VIP who is a CEO of a major corporation might warrant more high level service than a standard repeat guest VIP. When searching profiles, if you are searching for members of a certain VIP level, the information you enter here displays the VIP membership levels from the list of values.

To create or edit a VIP Level, click New or select an existing code and click Edit.

Code. Display the VIP level code. These codes can be numeric or letters and can be decided upon by the property itself.

Description. Display the VIP level code description (Regular Guest, Top VIP, Blacklisted).

Display Seq. The order of succession for items to appear in a list by assigning them a numeric order.

Color. Assign a color to the VIP level.

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