Netra Server X5-2 Product Notes

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Updated: July 2015

CPU Power Limit Option

To meet NEBS requirements, the CPU Power Limit option is used to effectively lower the Thermal Design Power (TDP) such that the CPU will always run just below the 55°C (131°F) throttle point. This function reduces the CPU power to 120 watts from the maximum 145 watts to prevent CPU throttling. In this mode, performance at lower ambient temperature is reduced, However, the CPU cores will not throttle at or below 55°C (131°F). When disabled, the system will operate normally and the default TDP of 145 watts will be maintained. In this mode, the CPU cores should throttle as needed when ambient temperatures and load cause the die temperature to exceed maximum.

You can disable the CPU Power Limit option on the BIOS Advanced, CPU Power Management Configuration screen.

image:Figure showing BIOS CPU Management and Configuration screen.