Configure Universal Content Management (UCM) Server Connection in BI Applications

When the SR that you logged is resolved, Oracle Cloud Services provides you with the Universal Content Management (UCM) server URL.

  1. Configure the UCM server URL in ODI Topology:
    1. In ODI Studio, navigate to the Topology tab, and in the Physical Architecture pane, create a data server named Fusion_UCM on the Oracle UCM node.

      Use the Upload Web Services by FTP fields to specify the Fusion UCM Server URL and login credentials for the user that you provisioned in Provision a User For Export and Import of BI Data from Fusion UCM.

      This screenshot is described in surrounding text.
    2. Create the physical schema: FUSION_UCM_Default under FUSION_UCM.
    3. For the FUSION_UCM schema, use the FTP Server URL field on the Definition tab to specify the UCM Server URL supplied to you by Oracle Cloud Services.
    4. Use the Flexfields tab to specify the Map/Key pair.
      This screenshot is described in surrounding text.

      Whatever Map/Key pair you specify here, make sure that the same pair exist in the EM url of this host (ODI).


      Use the user name and password that you specified in Step 1a for the Upload Web Services by FTP fields.
      This screenshot is described in surrounding text.


    If you have configured the Fusion Applications identity provider for Federated SSO, then use http://host:port/ _dav/cs/idcplg
  2. Configure DS_FUSION10_DOWNLOAD_FILES to the newly created physical schema.
  3. On the Operator tab, open the generated Load Plan and execute it.

    It will first copy files from UCM server to down folder, then will move them to cloudFiles folder. After that it will run FTS mappings to populate SDS schema where csv files act as source. Then it will run warehouse mappings that will populate the DW schema, and where the SDS schema acts as a source.


    If you are deploying Key Flex Fields for Financials, then before you execute this Load Plan you must follow the steps in Setting Up Key Flex Fields for Financials Fusion Applications Source Data.

  4. Configure the user name and password in credential store in BI Domain.

    In Enterprise Manager, create a credential key FUSION_APPS_OBIA_UCM_USER-KEY with the user name/password under map


    The user name/password is the user that has security group OBIAExport assigned in FA SAAs environment.
  5. If HTTPS is enabled for the UCM Server, configure SSL.

    Certificates on FA Saas PODs are CA signed, so there is no need to import the certificates as long as DemoTrust.jks is defined as the trust store in WebLogic Server.

    Add this JAVA OPTION in${WL_HOME}/server/lib/DemoTrust.jks

  6. Configure UCM download for Cloud data source systems.

    Before you start the UCM download (as described in the Task Register file system location for download and staging the files from FA UCM server in ODI studio, see Register the Fusion Applications Source), edit the file in the <middleware_home>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/config/fmwconfig/biinstances/coreapplication/ location and add the configuration tag EXTERNAL_STORAGE_TYPE=UCM.