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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2017

View the Current Console Settings

This task uses PDomain_0 as an example.

  1. Log in to Oracle ILOM.

    See Log In to Oracle ILOM (CLI).

  2. View the current settings.
    -> show /Servers/PDomains/PDomain_0/HOST/console
          escapechars = #.
          line_count = 0
          logging = enabled
          pause_count = 0
          start_from = end

    Characters used to exit the console redirection session. A hash with a period (#.) are the default characters.


    Number of lines of the serial console history log to display. This property accepts a value within the range of 1 to 2048 lines. Specify 0 for an unlimited number of lines, which is the default.


    Determines whether to log the console history. You can set this property to either enabled or disabled.


    Number of lines of the console history log to display before pausing for a response from you. This property accepts a value of 1 to any valid integer or 0 for infinite number of lines. The default is 0 which causes the display to not pause.


    Display the serial console history log from the beginning or from the end. The possible values are beginning to display from the first line, which is the oldest, and end to display from the last line, which is the most recent. By default end is used.

    See Establishing a Host Serial Console Session to the Server (CLI) in Oracle ILOM Administrator’s Guide for Configuration and Maintenance Firmware Release 4.0.x

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