Common 11.1

Glossary  | PDF
Defines terms used in Oracle Commerce Guided Search and Guided Search with Experience Manager.

Getting Started Guide  | PDF
Walks you through a basic installation of Guided Search. It also covers deploying the Discover Electronics reference application and your first steps with an Assembler-based application.

Concepts Guide  | PDF
Walks you through the key concepts of Guided Search applications including basic data structures, query syntax, and comparisons of difference search types. Also introduces you to Experience Manager concepts.

Administrator's Guide  | PDF
Describes tasks involved in administering and maintaining Guided Search and Experience Manager. It bridges the gap between the work performed by the Services team when your Guided Search implementation is initially deployed, and the issues that you, as a system administrator, may need to address to maintain the system.

Security Guide  | PDF
Describes security features and the major tasks involved in using them to develop a secure Guided Search implementation.

Internationalization Guide  | PDF
Describes system architectures and approaches to setting up an application for handling data in multiple languages.

Performance Tuning Guide  | PDF
Describes how to diagnose and tune components in a Guided Search application to provide optimal performance. Also includes hardware provisioning recommendations as well as storage, memory, and network support recommendations.

Third-Party Software Usage and Licenses  | PDF
Provides copyright, license agreement, and/or disclaimer of warranty information for any third-party software packages and other components incorporated in Guided Search.